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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 16, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hello again, it's the top of the hour. outside this morning, it's a cold day's start. we're expecting some snow. we're getting you around broken water mains and marty's at first warning weather. you have to love a train garden and with the turning wjz advertisement. sharon, we'll get to you in a second. we have to talk about the weather. you're lucky it's not with the
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morning commute, but this evening, it will be a different story. there's a zesty winter weather event taking place. there are huge problems on the line. we're on the northern end of the deal. i want you to look at the watches and advisories. the huge problems are far north and south west of d.c.. i think a lot of that is ice. there's going to be a big event of ice into the upper tennessee, lower ohio valley. here's the effect -- between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning, we'll see the snowfall and it will end around dinner. the warning goes from 10:00 to 10:00, it's a big 12 hour increment. that's a 10:00 to 6:00 p.m. event. 27 at lunch, going to a high of 30. it's 19 now, the big difference this morning from the past few mornings is that the wind is
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absolutely not a factor. what could get you on the get up and go, here's sharon. well, the cold weather is a factor, we have two water main breaks in the city and blocking lanes. the center lane is blocked there. second, all lanes blocked on south highland avenue between banks street and east pratt. if you're on the bay bridge, we have the de-icing and salting options going on there. , we can look at route 50 and the bay bridge. it's not slowing anything down though. there's a live look at the topside of the beltway, everything's running smoothly there. go to for more. and here's what's not happening to the south. calvert county schools will be closed due to the weather on
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the way. all twelve month employees should report. it was no electrical fire after all. someone started the five alarm fire on east baltimore street last week. but who a why? andrea fujii is live on the block. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, don and andrea. baltimore street has finally reopened to traffic and so have businesses. they're not calling the fire arson, but it was no accident. this is not an easy fire to solve. it took more than 90 investigators, 60 interviews and two days of clearing out debris to get to the source of the block fire from last week. right now, the joint investigation team is saying that someone set this fire and they need more information. this was one of the more difficult scenes we've faced in terms of the structure collapse and what happened.
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>> reporter: businesses have been shutdown all week. >> no one was making any money. the girls, the owners, the managers, nobody. [mumbling] >> reporter: regulars and workers expected to hear it was sparked by someone. >> there are a lot of guys that squat in the back of the buildings and they go in the buildings and smoke, you know. >> it's not surprising around here, you know, you have so much business, you never know what could happen. >> reporter: investigators aren't calling it arson yet. >> it was an issue of intent. it was set, but it's not determined if it was intentional or not. >> reporter: now, investigators aren't releasing the exact location of where the fire started.
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according to the baltimore sun, a man seeking shelter from the cold may have started the fire. the atf is offering a $5000 reward for more information to solve the case. >> a a man is hospitalized after he catches fire in canton outside of the safeway. he was found along the side of the building and suffering burns over most of his body. he was listed in serious condition. it's not known how that fire got its start. >> the police are searching for the person who broke into a home and shot overnight. the 28-year-old was shot several times, including once in the chest. he's at johns hopkins this morning. >> there's new information about a man who shot at a school board. he was an exconvict who's wife
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was recently fired from teaching special education. he suffered from being bipolar. >> he was pointed at me, i'm going to tell you, harry, god blocked the bullet and i'm not just saying that. i believe that. >> reporter: duke complained about his wife being fired before shooting at the members of the board before he was shot by a security officer, then he shot and killed himself. they found the calendar with the day of the shooting circled inside his mobile home. >> the senate passed the bill and now, it's going to the house for the approval. they'll vote on the $850 billion tax cut plan. they want to also hold a vote on a highier estate tax for the wealthy.
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the president is urging the senate to pass. financial woes are continuing to plague the state of maryland. yesterday, the governor announced the upcoming year would be more painful and funds are beginning to run out. he announced another furlough day for state workers next week. they've promised to balance the budget without increasing taxes. >> the the american civil liberty's union announced that schools are in need of upgrades. baltimore city schools are in dire straights. many buildings are ole and in need of repair and new schools are needed all together. >> the american civil liberty's union gave an out line of the problems. now, the tax policy institute
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has a plan to pay for it. this is an attempt to lay out a plan of how to finance this. >> reporter: it will cost $2.8 billion to fix, upgrade and build new schools. a 1% sales tax and male and beverage tax is proposed. the revenues from the slot machines, if it happens could help also. >> it's required by the institution that we have an adequate education for every school child. we believe that good, modern buildings are part of that requirement. >> reporter: the inadequate condition of the schools and facilities could be a civil right's issue and the students should have the best environment to learn and compete in the future. the mayor's task force will
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redue the recommendations. >> this is a plan for the school construction, but not the only one. they'll welcome other suggestions. about 70 schools need renovations. they're recommending all of the stake holders get together with the state government and find out how to get it done. thank you, wealthier jurisdictions have more money to spend on school construction. in three days, the ravens will take on the saints. after watching the defense getting pounded by the texans, drew brees has respect for the team. they know they'll be tested by the offense. many question them. ed reed says they're overlooking the final result of last monday night's game.
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the most important stat is winning. you know, it doesn't matter, you know, how many leagues we've blown, you know, we're 9- 4. you know, trying to get the next one. you know, everyone's fighting to get into the play offs. >> well, hey, let's look at sunday's weather. there's a lot of questions. take a look at this graphic. there's a mention of snow in the forecast. overnight, the american computer model, this is the big one. it's taking this further out to sea and making it a fish storm. you can see by the graphic, we're on the lowest end of the threat level. having said that, it could be a problem getting a little bit of snow during the game. it seems that the bigger problem is off to the east. we'll talk about the current problem, that's the storm passing to the south.
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we'll get a coating along the pittsburgh border. we're on the top end of what's going to be a real mess in the ohio, tennessee valley. a line from chicago to atlanta, there's going to be ice and a hundred thousand people without power. we just happened to be on the upper end. there's a little bit of snow, everyone's excited. the morning commute isn't a problem, the afternoon commute is going to be a problem. here's what i want to discuss. i happened to go to your facebook page. there's a beautiful facebook picture of you guys. you just actually put up queen of traffic -- who has to deal with all of this -- looking forward to snow and baking today? >> i'm off this afternoon. >> i would think so. >> yes -- the baby wants to come early and they don't have
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me working afternoons right now. this is one of those air occasions, i don't have to do anything all day. so i can enjoy it. >> so if you had to work would you put that? >> no, i was wondering if they would ask me. i probably shouldn't have done it. >> it would have said what? >> looking forward to a valium the size of an am coo -- alkaseltzer. have you been to the train garden? >> yes, it's the best train garden i've seen. >> yes, it is good. mike schuh is there live. >> i love going down there. >> that's what i'm talking about. that's the coolest. we're on a train garden, man.
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>> i wish we really had a billboard like that. isn't that beautiful? >> that's a big one. how you doing, brother? >> yes, and once the pictures rotate, it's scary to look at. the logo'snitis. we're at the wise avenue train garden. it's the largest temporary garden in all of the area. it's amazing we'll talk about it when we return. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ whistles ] hi. four pounds of coffee, please. have a great day. [ sighs ] this'll do it. holiday cheer runs on dunkin' coffee. get 4 pounds for just $19.99, only at dunkin' donuts. america runs on dunkin'. nothing turns the volume down on the hectic holidays like an authentic latte from dunkin' donuts.
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get any small hot latte for only $1.99 today. a real latte at a real value. america runs on dunkin'. the difference here is, the wind isn't an issue, it's a saturday morning, light breeze at 7. the barometer at 30 inches. 21 easton and 21 ocean city and elkton.
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the mid-or near mid-20s rock hall, kent island and annapolis. 18degrees in columbia. this is going to be a news making storm because of a ton of ice from chicago all the way down to atlanta. once it passes here, the cold is going to become another head liner. the out look keeps it cold. today, we're going for a high of 30 degrees only. tonight, slow clearing and 18 is the low and mostly cloudy. tomorrow, generally sunny and a high of 34 degrees. a few water mains are broken, here's sharon. >> the good news is, that's all we're dealing with. both are blocking lanes. and east north avenue at north cooling -- collington, all lanes are blocked.
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salting operations are continuing on route 50 on the bay bridge in the east and westbound sand -- span. you can see the volume at joppa, still, no delays. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. back to you. >> let's go out to mike schuh, we're in dundalk this morning. it's amazing, i'm still looking at stuff going, wow, that's cool. there we're with bob francis. tell me about this. this is the largest temporary one in the region? >> we tear this down and put it up from scratch every year. >> every time the lay out's different? >> yes, we have some things that we save and reuse, but they start it and january 9th, they'll pack it away.
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there are changes every year? for instance, there are wind turbines on the ridge. that's amazing. at nighttime, there's a key to the night and day scenario and at night, they go off. >> and in the morning, they come back on. it's a green feature. that's a big topic and we want to do things that are topical. >> look at the drive in movie theater. it's straight down from where you are, carroll. >> that's great! >> i like that! >> you know what is showing? >> the nelsons. those are 1950s tv shows. >> ozzy and harriet. >> you can see that there and the don and marty billboard. that's amazing. of course, this used to be called the madonna building,
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now, maybe the lady gaga building -- the sewage treatment plant. >> the bio digester. >> you get a ton of people, don't you? >> probably close to 30,000 folks. was there a charge? we ask for a 1 dollar donation and no one's turned away. if you dry up in -- if you drive up in a lamborghini and say you don't have a dollar, you'll let them in? >> yes, but you'll have to live with your conscious. we'll get kids from any age and all over the world. we've had people visit us from moscow. >> the cool thing is, they start in october. hi, guys. wave, hello. those are the builders. >> good morning! >> yeah, and the indian chiefs
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and all of that. one guy says he leaves at noon and he may come back and stay until 2:00 a.m. >> that's correct. well, that's what he's telling people. we start in october and open up the first weekend after thanksgiving. we'll put in several thousand man hours getting this thing up and running. from the wise fire department, we'll send it back to you. what are the hours? we're open every weekday from 6:00 to 9:00 and noon to 9:00 p.m.. we're open until january 9th every day but christmas day. we're supporting angel's supporting troops. they send packages to troops in iraq. >> i came out here and hit
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every light. that's me. reporting back to you. >> all right, back to you on tv hill. >> we'll try to find more train gardens next week. the fire house on country boulevard, that's a hot spot. >> i've gotten e-mails about some at local businesses. >> and with the holidays here, we're asking to see photos of how you're celebrating the holidays. e-mail the photos to us at look for us at a slide show at mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother. cry herself to sleep every night over my arteries, but have yourself a bowl. good speech dad.
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good morning, the leader is the same, but there's a new face on it. mark viviano is in the lead, then it's new mom, jessica and boble, then, adam and me, don't know how that happened. the local winner this week, she picked 15 out of 16 games correctly.
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she wins a best buy gift card for her efforts. you can still sign up to play, go to and scroll down to the right hand side of the home page for the football challenge. good luck, we'll see you next week. >> don't forget, there's a thursday night game, make your first pick today. >> there the ravens take on the saints at 1:00 sunday. and yet to come on the morning edition. the clock is ticking on tax cuts and congress could act as soon as today. in washington, i'm whit johnson, that's coming up. a downtown fire that encompassed an entire city block is no accident, why are the investigators calling it arson. we'll have a live report, just ahead. so far, no accidents or delays. we have water main breaks and salting options coming up. pretty simple, harlem globetrotters coming on live.
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we're expecting curly to walk in the door at any time. that's great. the morning edition returns, man, i can't wait, after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was cold enough overnight, we're dealing with a few water main breaks. sharon will direct you to that and we'll have the sun in the east. >> that's the most sun you'll see today. you can see the cloud sheer from a potent weather system trending down to the south. that's moving over the area. here's the radar. believe me, you'll hear a lot about this storm today. not from the problems in the mid-atlantic, from chicago to taken, it -- atlanta, it will be a bad scene and a lot of ice. the graphic shows way down to
6:32 am
the south, that's where the winter storm warning is. that's a lot of ice. we have winter weather locally. we'll have a coating at the mason-dixon line. 1 to 3 inches towards d.c.. again, south of d.c., giant problems. 27 at lunch and going to a high of 30. it's 19 now. we're not looking at the howling winds of the past few mornings. here's sharon with this morning's commute. hi, there, don, good morning. we're not doing that bad out there. we have weather related issues though. ice reported as a possibility on the bay bridge because of that. that's a live look at 50 at the bay bridge, we have salting operations on the east and westbound spans. meantime, two water main breaks in the city at east north avenue and collington. all lanes are blocked on south avenue on east pratt street for
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a water main break there. taking a live look outside, that's 83 and york road. heavier on the westside. again, everything's at full speed. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. back to you, don. we have a school advisory for south of the metro area. calvert county schools are closed due to inclement weather. at the top of the news this half hour, the compromised deal to extend the tax cuts is in the hands another house. -- hands of the house. here's whit johnson with the latest from wjz. >> reporter: the tax cut compromise may have sailed through the senate. it could have a rough ride in the house.
6:34 am
the democrats want to raise the estate tax for the wealthy. think of what you could do with the $25 billion, you could reduce the deficit. >> reporter: some republicans are upset over the bill's price tag and the fact that it temporarily reduces the tax cut. it's a bad deal for the taxpayers. i cannot support it. >> reporter: the change would send the measure back to the senate. president obama is urging the mouse to pass the bill as is so he can sign it before taxes go up for everyone. >> we worked hard to negotiate an agreement. that's a win for the families and for the economy. we can't afford to make it fall victim to delay and defeat. >> we yacht to pass the tax legislation and keep the lights
6:35 am
on, everything else, mr. president can weight -- wait. >> reporter: most believe that congress will pass the measure in time for the holidays. and along with extending the tax cuts, the bill will continue the jobless benefits for the nation's long term unemployed. the house is going to prohibit the don't ask don't tell policy. the policy has been in place since 1993. the debate goes to the senate. the founder a. wick key -- the founder of wikileaks is back in court today. he was granted bond and the prosecutors are appealing that as sweden tries to get him back there.
6:36 am
he surrendered to the british police on a swedish sex crime warrant. back here, last week's fire on the block began the way that many expected it did, but someone's hands and did that person mean to do it? wjz and andrea fujii are live on east baltimore street. >> reporter: don, baltimore street is finally back open to traffic and so are businesses. the investigators are saying this was no accident. >> reporter: this is not an easy fire to solve. it took more than 90 investigators and 60 interviews and two days of clearing out debris to get to the source of the block fire last week. right now, the joint investigation team is only saying that someone set the fire and they need more information. >> this was one of the more difficult scenes we've faced in terms of the structure collapse and what happened. >> reporter: businesses and
6:37 am
stores and clubs have been shutdown all week. >> no one's making money, the girls, the owners, the managers [mumbling] >> reporter: regulars and worker on the block expected to hear that it was sparked by someone. >> it doesn't surprise me [mumbling] >> that's not surprising around here, you know, you have so much traffic, you never know. >> reporter: the investigators aren't calling it arson yet. there it was set because of human involvement. it's not determined if that was intensal or not. >> investigator aren't releasing the location of where the fire started. >> reporter: a man seeking shelter from the cold may have
6:38 am
started the fire for warmth in a peep show booth at the gaiety club. the thank you, and the atf is offering a $5000 reward for information. a car stolen from a former mayor is found. the jaguar was taken saturday with the keys left in the ignition. it was found three days later a mile from where it was stolen. the board walk in ocean city could be getting a facelift. the beachtown will hold a hearing in february to get opinions on replacing the board walk. it could cost 5 to $10 million. many of the piles and beams under the board walk are more than 50 years old. racing fans, listen up! if you missed out or didn't get a presale ticket for the grand prix, today's your day, at
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10:00, general admission tickets will go on sale. it's next labor day weekend in baltimore. they'll feature two head line races from the izod races and the indycar series. hello! >> i don't give up my seat for almost anyone. president of the united states and curly neil! thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, one of the greatest legends of all time is joining us. the harlem globetrotters are in town and we'll talk to curly and scooter from the university of montana. we'll discuss the four point shot! >> cool! >> that's 35 feet, worth four points. honestly-- >> good to see you, you and
6:40 am
don! >> one of my all time heros. >> by the way, the president's never been here. >> all right, sharon gibala has wjz-13 tv traffic control. we have snow to talk about and we'll have weather issues and then the globetrotters. enjoy that sunrise. ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. now the yoplait you love in a new four pack.
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we're going to have fun with the globetrotters. here's what this weather boils down to first. between 9:00 and 10:00, the snow will end, it will end at 6:00. the winter weather advisory is from 10:00 to 10:00. they like to use big blocks. it makes sense. we have a 12 hour advisory, the reality in the area is, we'll see the snow starting at 9:00 and ending at 6:00. we'll have a coating along the mason-dixon line. it will take a while for this to happen. once you get to the district, 1 to 3 inches. south of d.c., we'll see ice. 18 on tv hill, we don't have the winds of the past few mornings barometer has risen.
6:44 am
16 in hagerstown and 20 in elkton. westminster, 17. bel air and columbia, 18. 23, 23, 25, rock hall, kent island and annapolis. here's the deal. big problems with ice in chicago down to atlanta. we're on the top end of the storm. having said it. we'll get the snow. we'll move on 24 hours out from now. the low gets offshore. what it does, it will reenforce this hit of colder air into the area and then, another low that we've talked about -- maybe snow sunday. that will be a fish storm, more out to see. that's going to reenforce the colder air throughout christmas. get used to the temperatures around 30. that's the daytime high
6:45 am
throughout christmas. 18, slow clearing tonight. partly sunny and 34 degrees tomorrow. 38 saturday. sunday, a bit of snowfall. monday, sunny, 34. tuesday, clouds and 36 degrees. sunday, right now, the big american computer model is showing that the low is further out to sea. we'll be in the lowest threat of big accumulating snow. we'll watch this very, very closely. a change in 100 miles either way. it will change the forecast. we'll talk about the rush right now. hi, don, well, it's getting busier out there. we picked up two accidents since we spoke. this is on route 152. three vehicles involved there. also, a crash in columbia. that's on the shoulder. there's a water main break at east collington and one in the city blocking south highland between bank and pratt.
6:46 am
watch for the salting options on the bay bridge and a fuel spill in the eastbound lanes. that's blocking one lane. there's the drive times and the speeds on the beltway. 45miles per hour is the average on the outer lupe between 95 and 795. we can take a live look at that on liberty road. toyota, buy right the first time, save more in the long run. now, back to marty, don and our coffee with guests. yeah! >> it's nice to meet you. my man, marty, and don! >> all of a sudden. the 28th of december, the globetrotters are at the first mariner. you're looking for something to do. it's a slam dunk, no pun intended. i think i've asked everyone the same question. all of a sudden, you zip up and
6:47 am
you look in the mirror, did you tingle all over? >> let me tell you something, the first time i experienced the globetrotters was here. i saw that man on skooby doo. >> oh, yeah, i remember that. i always wanted to be a globetrotter and to wear these colors -- curly paveed the way. >> i thought you would have a new nickname. >> well, fists are going to fly here. >> how do you, curly, let me ask you, how do you find the players? >> we go to colleges and guys write in and they want to be globetrotters.
6:48 am
you know, we find the talents and you have to be a basketball player first and he's one of the greatest, you know, i've seen in my years of ball handling as far as, you know, the things he can do, i would never think about doing. >> do you have a scouting department? yes, we do. we have two. >> you know, it's, you know, well, what you see is what -- >> well, it's a special talent, marty. it's also the love of families and kids. that's what it's about. we give a lot from our hearts, you know. we do a lot for the military. we do uso tours over there in iraq. >> i was just sitting here looking at this. >> was that you doing that on your nose? >> no, that was a teammate.
6:49 am
what was one of the hardest things to learn? >> actually, to spin the ball on my nose. we have the record of spinning the ball on our head and nose the longest. i beat my own record. >> i want to go back to the moment here. called into the office, sun got a new trick -- [very low speech] >> i saw this trick done before me, i said, man, i've got to learn how to do that. that's just too awesome. i love to spin the ball in the first place. i practiced like you do in life. you practice and put effort into it. >> yeah. >> i'm -- i mean. just sit there. >> wait a minute, we're back. >> i'm getting out of the way. we've got to get in the shot. >> this is going to rock my
6:50 am
world. oh, you've got to be joking! the blue angels just went to second place! >> he's up there with no spin! >> he's a seal! >> you have a new nickname, brother! >> hey, yeah. >> great! >> oh, my gosh! >> how long did that take to learn? >> it took a long time. i mean, but the thing was, i practiced -- i loved the trick, i practiced and practiced and i'm still perfecting it. >> i tried that too, man, my nose is so sore. >> and you can do almost anything. well, i started on my head. >> on your nose, you have to practice and practice. and to move it from the nose to the top of the head. that was a sharp move.
6:51 am
>> i'll tell you what. remember, december 28th. i think it's a tuesday. >> well, the 25th is a saturday. >> we're complicated this time of the morning. the first mariner arena. it's a night game. >> this is a no miss situation. >> it's a must see, you have to see this! >> bring the family and the children. >> the kids will be going stir crazy. >> you have to come. >> it's the four point star. people win cars doing that. >> it's actually 12 feet from the nba line. >> you know, we were shooting three pointers before the line was there. >> what we're going to try and do, guys kind of jam. we'll try and get you back before the radio interview and tape a web extra. we'll let you know on the air if we'll get one. we'll rock the internet.
6:52 am
i want you to see one thing, that's your hoodie there. >> yeah -- that's buckingham palace. that's the globetrotter's hoodie, right there. >> yeah, okay. >> thank you for living up to your promise there. when i saw all the jobs disappearing, i knew i needed to find a better way to support my daughter. [ male announcer ] at age forty, greg flowers went back to school. [ greg ] i got a job as a computer applications engineer. [ male announcer ] but now, some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like greg, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, my job, it should be my choice. [ male announcer ] don't let washington get in the way.
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we're been talking about this all morning.
6:55 am
we have a winter weather advisory in effect. we'll look at the forecast. we have a little bit of snow, that's about right. between 9:00 and 10:00, we'll have snow along the mason-dixon line. south of d.c., you don't want to be there today. we'll have ice. now, over to sharon gibala. hey, there, marty, speaking of ice, they have salting operations going on. we have two accidents. one is in joppa at 152 and pulaski. water main break in the city, blocking the senter lane. we can take a live look outside, we'll see that the westside of the beltway is showing minor delays. average speed about 45 miles per hour. this is brought to you by lexus. the lexus december to remember event.
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go to your local lexus dealer today. >> the five alarm fire that swept through the block was started by someone, investigators aren't calling it arson yet. the fire destroyed buildings in the adult entertainment district last week. someone did start the fire, but they're not sure that someone meant to do so. the board walk in ocean city could be getting a facelift. the beach town will hold a public hearing in february. it would take up to two years to complete the job and could cost up to $10 million. many of the pilings and the beams under the board walk are more than 50 years old. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station, complete news, weather and traffic still ahead for you. wintry weather is causing dangerous conditions up the
6:57 am
east coast and we'll have a possibility of snow later on today and maybe the weekend. ♪ would you like me to read you a story? you can't read. [ grandma ] 'twas the night before christmas, and all through the house...
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